Restaurant India is pleased to welcome you to an artistic trip throughout India in which your guides will be the exquisite paintings of Grigor Velev, a beloved artist among Plovdiv’s art circles.

Feel the inspiration of the exotic country, which is mastefully conveyed by the paintings and refracted through the prism of various artistic styles. The exibition is focused on various focal points of the variagated Indian life, such as the world renowned Taj Mahal, the emblematic elephants and peacocks, god Ganesha and Budha, as well as the sumptuous beauty of the Indian woman. Of course, if you get enchanted by some of the paintings, you can feel free to purchase it.

Grigor Velev Indian Themed ExhibitionGrigor Velev is one of the favourite artisits of Plovdiv’s galleries and his popular paintings can be seen also in USA, South Korea, Italy, France, Dubai, England, Grees etc. He is a graduate of the National Academy of Arts and his favourite styles are surrealism and abstactionism.

His latest exhibition “Hare Om in Colours” will embelish Restaurant India’s interior from Dec 23rd till the end of the season. Enjoy!